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Film poster design for “KROKODIL” – composition & layout work

I composed for Cine Royal Productions a film poster for the medium short film “KROKODIL”. A thrilling story about a young man who suffers from extensive Eczema (a severe skin disease), but we watch him gaining back his strength.

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It was an interesting process to create the final image. As always, we creators go through a series of sketches that we create and reviews by the client until we decide on a final composition. Usually, those sketches are quite rough, just to give an idea on how it could look like. Here’s some (very rough) photoshop compositions I created for Caro and her team so they could make a decision.

pretty quickly we settled on the last sketch, but with a few changes: the crocodile needs to be less visible to not distract the viewer. Also, the other sketches are a bit too horror-esque and suggest a different vibe than the actual movie will. I got to watch the final cut in the end of the process and it became clearer to me that “horror” is not part of the drama. So: knowing EXACTLY what a movie is about (meaning: I watched it myself!) helps tons to catch the essence of the film in a poster composition!



basically I use the rough sketches I’ve made so far to refine them. In this case I cut out the actors with every detail and placed them between layers of stock images (water, smoke) from (my favorite stock source!) and added a different kind of crocodile that looks directly into the camera.

The images were shot in Zürich by Kim Howland, so I could use the high resolution portraits of the actors.

Later I added in the text and I helped to chose the right fonts for the composition.

Presentation screens for the premiere:

Some photos from the premiere – it was a wonderful afternoon!

a production by Cine Royal Productions GmbH
producer: Caroline Wloka
script: Joel Chavez
dramaturgical advisor: Bernie Forster
director: Caroline Wloka
cut: Arezoo Rajabi
trailer: Silvan Marty
sound design: Søren Krahl
grading: Roger Sommer

and many more.