Christina Heurig

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Production design: fantasy film “PUPPETS” (set design; pt.1)

Shot Oktober 2019 in Basel/Switzerland.
A fantasy satire set in the 1890s: A dollmaker’s son falls in love with a sweet handmaiden who is held hostage by her cruel, creepy master (which favorite food is maggots). Including puppets that come to life.⁠

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Film poster design for “KROKODIL” – composition & layout work

I composed for Cine Royal Productions a film poster for the medium short film “KROKODIL”. A thrilling story about a young man who suffers from extensive Eczema (a severe skin disease), but we watch him gaining back his strength.

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Art exhibition opening 1.5.2019 “Der Sandmann” – experience room in E.T.A. Hoffmann museum Bamberg

My art direction project “Der Sandmann” (www.skö opens a new chapter: I opened my experience exhibition on 4th of May 2019 in the E.T.A. Hoffmann Museum Bamberg (Hoffmann’s original house).

The exhibition contains an interactive “writing room” of Hoffmann’s main character from his story ‘Der Sandmann’.

You can touch & browse through everything and feel Hoffmann’s dark, wicked spirit.

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‘The preacher’s realm – set design for “Burning topics” (AT | short film)

Set design for short film “Brennende Themen” (“burning topics”), in which a priest creates in a mockumentary style self-made interviews with a housewife back in 1930s. They discuss the consequences of media for society and – sexuality.⁠

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Making of: Producing a copy of the art book “Der Sandmann”

My art books “Der Sandmann” from 2017 (inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmanns wicked story) require a lot of work before they are sold.
Each copy is partly printed, partly handmade. Limited edition of 150.
If you want to know more about the project: www.skö

Here’s an insight on how the physical production of a copy looks like.

More photos in the full article.

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Lover tales: Art book – Self portraiture photography

Personal photography: an artbook about lovers.
Self portaiture and poems.

During the last 4 years my partner allowed me to include him in my self portraiture, which lead to a variety of psychedelic and cinematatic portraits illustrating  ‘us’ in an eerie, romantic and sometimes surreal manner.

Take a look inside here:



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Johannes & Annegret: “Hänsel & Gretel” (Cinematic portraits)

Johannes (Hänsel) & Annegret (Gretel) are getting married and asked me to create a couple portrait for their wedding invitation.

As their nicknames suggest, we reenacted the fantasy movie “Hansel & Gretel” (2013), : two siblings make witch-hunting their glorious (and very effective) profession. Whatever dark forces await them, together, they are ready for battle (and their wedding)!



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Ava & Julian – Eternity was made for us (Vampire Portrait Shoot)

“Our last dawn. It made us feel endless, powerless, bodyless; – and bound us together in an everlasting, wicked knot of play and wonder.”

Last December I met Ava & her boyfriend Julian from Norway: A magical couple, made from velvet and eerie tenderness. 

We captured their real-life relationship in cinematic vampire portraits.
My heart still bleeds with joy!

More images in the article.

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