Christina Heurig

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The last survivor – Cinematic compositing (client work)

In August Momo asked me to create a post-apocalyptic cinematic portrait of her. She booked me via my airbnb cinematic portrait shoot experience and visited Berlin in late August. We went to a park and I did some photoshop magic for her!

Making of and details in the post!



Post apocalyptic photoshop-fantasy and a fun shoot!

I was super happy that Momo booked me via airbnb, because she’s a super sweet personality with a creative vision. She told me right away that she likes the super worn down aesthetics of old buildings and that is EXACTLY the vibe I am in for! : )

We went into a park that was once a mayor train station in the south of Berlin (but is now a nature reserve center). And shot some cool outdoor photos. The main job was to create a detailed photoshop composition with one of her photos to make her look like we’re in a super worn-down building in an even more post-apocalyptic setting.

I downloaded a ton of stock images from, one of my favorite stock sites with quite high quality images. I searched for things like “old building”, “factory”, “post apocalyptic”, “apocalypse”, “broken”, “scrapyard” and “machines”.

after some feedback we decided to get rid of the tunnel extension and instead place some more scrap metal that makes it look more run-down, scattered and aged by time.

adding details, adding smoke, smoothing out borders and making all stock images even, so it looks more like it is one setting.


The finished product after color correction.


some details (because details are where the fun is!) 🙂