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The last survivor – Cinematic compositing (client work)

In August Momo asked me to create a post-apocalyptic cinematic portrait of her. She booked me via my airbnb cinematic portrait shoot experience and visited Berlin in late August. We went to a park and I did some photoshop magic for her!

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Experimental doppelgänger portraits: psychological self-exploration in 2020

2020 has brought some positive changes to my private life (not only because of COVID): fresh creativity, a new relationship and a ton of insight into my psychological clockworks. I used exerpimental twin self portraits to reflect on (personal life) issues to change them for my better.

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Production design: fantasy film “PUPPETS” (set design; pt.2)

Featuring a complex market scene set AND poster design I created for the market.
Shot Oktober 2019 in Basel/Switzerland. A fantasy satire set in the 1890s: A dollmaker’s son falls in love with a sweet handmaiden who is held hostage by her cruel, creepy master (which favorite food is maggots). Including puppets that come to life.⁠

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Perfume – Story of a murder (cinematic self portrait project)

Reenacting the great story of Patrick Süskind “Perfume – The story of a murderer” (Das Parfüm – Geschichte eines Mörders) as a series of self portraits with my real life partner and me.

The series is inspired by the film, as well as other stories/films and my imagination of how the story should look like.

This posts features the results from summer 2019 – March 2020. More to come in 2020.

More scenes to come in 2020!

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“All it takes is one bad day.” – JOKER self portraits (cinematic reenactment)

In December 2019 I watched JOKER and got deeply hooked. The visual craftiness of the film impressed me a lot – colorful comic-book character style! I took some time out to reinvent my own version of JOKER.

A crossover between cosplay and set-design exercise in my very own home.

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