Christina Heurig

images · art direction · set design

Commission: Cinematic Action Portraits in Switzerland

I portrayed Christine, Tony and Jasmin as action movie heroes for a fictional movie poster. Nidwalden (Switzerland), August 2018.

You’ll find more portraits (and making of material) in the full article.

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Commission: Cinematic action shoot – post production

For the final images a lot of post production was necessary.

A closer look onto the process in the full article.

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Nightly Visitors: experimental scans

Something wicked this way comes!

I dragged my taxidermied animals over my flat bet scanner, while it was scanning. The result are some funky fun-images of nightmarish monsters.

Background and more images in the full article.

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Autumn memories portrait: post process

Some shoots don’t end up ‘right’ on location. You have to make the magic happen in Photoshop. I got it ‘right’ 4 years later.

Here’s how I created an epic ‘fairytale’ panorama:

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Experimental doll portraits: Olimpia’s ball

Inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story “The Sandmann”: A mad man falls in love with a lifelike doll at a ball. This is what he might have seen.

Shot in the process of creating the art books ‘The notebooks of N.’ (Der Sandmann).

More images in the full article.


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Bumpy roads and personal success (Retroperspective 2011 – 2016)

The road to happiness is bumpy, but I built myself a rocket and am now aiming for the lucky star!

I gave up my waiting spot in the ‘how can I make it happen?’ help desk line.

Since 2011 I’ve been busy with studying, internships in advertising agencies and in the film set production sector. I traveled a lot through European cities and soaked myself with culture in Berlin. Developed my portfolio every waking second.

I went through heaven and hell, a lot of times. For years I felt like I can’t accomplish anything and like I can’t belong to anyone (creatively speaking). Until I stumbled upon the right mentors to establish my visual voice.

Point is: you can make it, if you start to believe in yourself.

Here’s how I did it.

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The hallway to Wonderland (BTS)

Miniature photography, checkerboard mystery and the pleasure of bending reality

Photography is based on reality – and all a photographer can work with is a ‘real‘ objects. But you can still try to awake a different kind of… reality.

Read more about the creation process in full article.


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The Heartmill Lands: Making of Pt. 2

The creation process of my miniature landscapes:

The iconic image of the Heartmill became the center of my fictional universe. How it was created, inspirations and more images in full article.

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The Heartmill Lands: Making of Pt. 1

In 2014 I started creating miniature landscapes with photography and everyday-objects.

01 The Explorer

This beautiful landscape is made of everyday objects:

This was the creation process that triggered my career in set design.

How? Read more in full article.


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The poet in a one-frame tale. Retrospective 2013

How I started to create cinematic portraits.

The poor poet

2013 I created my first highly detailed, cinematic portrait. A style I use often since then and never chases to fascinate me.

Here’s what happened back then.

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Portrait comission: The pianist (Anna Köbrich)

Grace, sensibility, vulnerability and elegance: The soul of a pianist

Portrait commission, Berlin, August 2015.

She hired me to create elegant artist portraits for her piano recitals, but I also got a glimpse on a strong woman who thrives on dreams, passion, beauty and the ability to recreate long-forgotten worlds with her music.

Series in full article.

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Commission: Romantic couple portraits – summer 2015

In late summer 2015, I was hired to create romanic couple portraits for Denise & Stefan.

See more images in the full article.

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Wide awake.

Young years: I disappeared an awfully lot of times. From pages and faces. A lot of years I felt awfully ‘wrong’ because I liked different thinks than most – back in the little town I grew up in. And out of all I did not like to make conversation. Superficial ones. I am a shy animal who likes to run and hide – and it attracted all kind of strange monsters who loved the case for all the wrong reasons.

Studying design changed everything. I doubted everything and I learned a lot. Five years changed everything: rolercoster from the pits of hell to a glorious dawn.

Now: I am free. Occasionally I get still stuck like we all do. Restless and melancholic. But I found the sun, I found heaven and I found my voice. I am here.

Let’s dive.