Christina Heurig

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Production design: fantasy film “PUPPETS” (set design; pt.2)

Featuring a complex market scene set AND poster design I created for the market.
Shot Oktober 2019 in Basel/Switzerland. A fantasy satire set in the 1890s: A dollmaker’s son falls in love with a sweet handmaiden who is held hostage by her cruel, creepy master (which favorite food is maggots). Including puppets that come to life.⁠

All sets in the expanded post!




A FREAK SHOW MARKET (and the importance of posters in the set)

We dressed this this market set on location in an empty hall in Basel. The main part of the preparation progress was deciding on the market stall themes, investigating 1860s freak shows and combining it together to a magical market-circus. Pretty quickly I realized the atmosphere will change drastically into a ‘show’ feeling once vintage posters are added to the set.

Print design is my favorite task of this and so I sat down to re-design some existing (public domain) vintage posters to make it fit to the story. They are fit work with the extra characters we chose for the background: a creepy dentist, an flea-circus tamer (instead of a “data wrangler” which is used in  the filming process), a bearded woman, an ominous magnetic-electricity wonder-show from ‘Coppola’ (which I reused from my Sandmann-Projekt) and some market advertising stating the ground rules.




The building process:

The finished set before and during the shoot:


director: Michael Flume⁠
2nd AD: @ikbenbenfrancesco⁠
2nd camera: @marcbackmann⁠
the VERY BEST partner in (set)crime: @es.egli⁠
production supervisor and maid-of-all-work @klemenstrenkle⁠
…and many more!⁠