Christina Heurig

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Private portrait session: Faunus by the lake

A private, spontaneous portrait session in July brings out summer’s fragile glow.

More images in the article.

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The hallway to Wonderland (BTS)

Miniature photography, checkerboard mystery and the pleasure of bending reality

Photography is based on reality – and all a photographer can work with is a ‘real‘ objects. But you can still try to awake a different kind of… reality.

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The Heartmill Lands: Making of Pt. 2

The creation process of my miniature landscapes:

The iconic image of the Heartmill became the center of my fictional universe. How it was created, inspirations and more images in full article.

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The Heartmill Lands: Making of Pt. 1

In 2014 I started creating miniature landscapes with photography and everyday-objects.

01 The Explorer

This beautiful landscape is made of everyday objects:

This was the creation process that triggered my career in set design.

How? Read more in full article.


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The poet in a one-frame tale. Retrospective 2013

How I started to create cinematic portraits.

The poor poet

2013 I created my first highly detailed, cinematic portrait. A style I use often since then and never chases to fascinate me.

Here’s what happened back then.

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