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The last survivor – Cinematic compositing (client work)

In August Momo asked me to create a post-apocalyptic cinematic portrait of her. She booked me via my airbnb cinematic portrait shoot experience and visited Berlin in late August. We went to a park and I did some photoshop magic for her!

Making of and details in the post!


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Johannes & Annegret: “Hänsel & Gretel” (Cinematic portraits)

Johannes (Hänsel) & Annegret (Gretel) are getting married and asked me to create a couple portrait for their wedding invitation.

As their nicknames suggest, we reenacted the fantasy movie “Hansel & Gretel” (2013), : two siblings make witch-hunting their glorious (and very effective) profession. Whatever dark forces await them, together, they are ready for battle (and their wedding)!



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Ava & Julian – Eternity was made for us (Vampire Portrait Shoot)

“Our last dawn. It made us feel endless, powerless, bodyless; – and bound us together in an everlasting, wicked knot of play and wonder.”

Last December I met Ava & her boyfriend Julian from Norway: A magical couple, made from velvet and eerie tenderness. 

We captured their real-life relationship in cinematic vampire portraits.
My heart still bleeds with joy!

More images in the article.

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Commission: Cinematic Action Portraits in Switzerland

I portrayed Christine, Tony and Jasmin as action movie heroes for a fictional movie poster. Nidwalden (Switzerland), August 2018.

You’ll find more portraits (and making of material) in the full article.

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Commission: Cinematic action shoot – post production

For the final images a lot of post production was necessary.

A closer look onto the process in the full article.

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Portrait commission: The fragile witch (Maike Boysen)

Witchcraft & sensibility: Maike Boysen bewitches the heart

Portrait commission, Berlin, Juli 2016.

I visited with Maike a hidden heathland on the outskirts of Berlin. Maike catched my eye a few years back and her beauty, fragile attitude and mystery just makes me dizzy.

I brought some props and she bewitched me with them.

More images in the article.


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Private portrait session: Faunus by the lake

A private, spontaneous portrait session in July brings out summer’s fragile glow.

More images in the article.

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The poet in a one-frame tale. Retrospective 2013

How I started to create cinematic portraits.

The poor poet

2013 I created my first highly detailed, cinematic portrait. A style I use often since then and never chases to fascinate me.

Here’s what happened back then.

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Portrait comission: The pianist (Anna Köbrich)

Grace, sensibility, vulnerability and elegance: The soul of a pianist

Portrait commission, Berlin, August 2015.

She hired me to create elegant artist portraits for her piano recitals, but I also got a glimpse on a strong woman who thrives on dreams, passion, beauty and the ability to recreate long-forgotten worlds with her music.

Series in full article.

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Commission: Romantic couple portraits – summer 2015

In late summer 2015, I was hired to create romanic couple portraits for Denise & Stefan.

See more images in the full article.

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