Christina Heurig

images · art direction · set design

Wide awake.

Young years: I disappeared an awfully lot of times. From pages and faces. A lot of years I felt awfully ‘wrong’ because I liked different thinks than most – back in the little town I grew up in. And out of all I did not like to make conversation. Superficial ones. I am a shy animal who likes to run and hide – and it attracted all kind of strange monsters who loved the case for all the wrong reasons.

Studying design changed everything. I doubted everything and I learned a lot. Five years changed everything: rolercoster from the pits of hell to a glorious dawn.

Now: I am free. Occasionally I get still stuck like we all do. Restless and melancholic. But I found the sun, I found heaven and I found my voice. I am here.

Let’s dive.