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Ava & Julian – Eternity was made for us (Vampire Portrait Shoot)

“Our last dawn. It made us feel endless, powerless, bodyless; – and bound us together in an everlasting, wicked knot of play and wonder.”

Last December I met Ava & her boyfriend Julian from Norway: A magical couple, made from velvet and eerie tenderness. 

We captured their real-life relationship in cinematic vampire portraits.
My heart still bleeds with joy!

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“My last sunrise. That morning, I was not yet a vampire. And I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely; yet I do not think I remember any other sunrise before it.” 





“Waiting for the end of it was the most endearing thing to do. It made us feel endless, powerless, bodyless; – and bound us together in an everlasting, wicked knot of play and wonder.”





“[While we waited,] he would listen, making only a few comments. Always sympathetic, so that when it was over I had the distinct impression he had solved everything for me.” 





“It was as if this night were only one of thousands of nights, world without end, night curving into night to make a great arching line of which [we] couldn’t see the end, a night in [we] roamed alone under cold, mindless stars.” 





“Yes.’ [He] drank it all down and then casually threw the glass at the fireplace. I stared at the fragments. ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ [He] gestured to the broken glass with a smile. ‘I surely hope you don’t, because there’s nothing much you can do about it if you do mind…” 





“As if the night had said to me, ‘You are the night and the night alone understands you and enfolds you in its arms’ One with the shadows. Without nightmare. An inexplicable peace.”





“I understand, I am just beginning, I am just beginning to understand.”



Quotes adapted from “Interview with a vampire” by Anne Rice. Slight changes marked with [].


Models: Ava Fernanda Thorbjørnsen & Julian Orlin Espe 

MUA: Ava Thorbjørnsen

Set: HENRI HOTEL Kurfürstendamm Berlin

Photography & art direction: Christina Heurig




I met Ava through my newly arranged airbnb experience “Cinematic photo shoot in Berlin’s secret places”.

It was a wonderful experience to work with Ava and Julian. They are huge Wes Anderson fans and share a love for vintage vampire movies (such as Nosferatu and modern ones, like Only lovers left alive). They asked for a couple portrait shoot and after hearing their ideas, I figured a ‘vampire shoot’ in a baroque, exorbitantly dressed hotel would be just the right thing for them: A wicked love-poem about eternal love in ‘vintage style‘.


Movie inspiration: Interview with the vampire

To settle Ava & Julian in a more modern time, I looked at the set and style of the ’94 movie  Interview with the vampire . The fragile beauty, fairy romantic attitude will suit the lovers very well.

Movie stills:

Baroque furniture, opulent golden patterns, muted brown colors, sundown light, candles and (of course) long hair will do the trick!


The location: a historically inspired hotel 

I did some research and instantly fell DEEPLY in love with the new HOTEL HENRI at Kurfürstendamm which incorporates some furniture and style of the famous (sadly forever-gone) Hotel BOGOTA.

HOTEL HENRI contributed room 111 and the HERRENZIMMER.

All people working at HOTEL HENRI were so sweet and the room was a dream – I could not be happier and will for SURE book a room here in the future.

Vintage props & costumes create the romantic atmosphere 

Since my home is stuffed with a ton of vintage decoration and clothing, I brought some props with me to the shoot.

Mostly, the room was lit with candles, also with a yellow and blue flash to fake the night-time atmosphere mixed with a stronger yellow light (faking the candle light).

It was so much fun working with these two talented young folks and we’re all super happy with the result. 

Thank you, Ava and Julian!