Christina Heurig

images · art direction · set design

Experimental doll portraits: Olimpia’s ball

Inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story “The Sandmann”: A mad man falls in love with a lifelike doll at a ball. This is what he might have seen.

Shot in the process of creating the art books ‘The notebooks of N.’ (Der Sandmann).

More images in the full article.


The LSD trip of a crazy-in-love madman

A ball room in 1816, filled with walking shadows, cheering voices and this angel-like creature swirling around with her silky dress,
weaving her voluptuous hair into humid air.

Her heart is automatic, beating so strong. Does it beat for me? Oh how can I go on living without her heavy eyes sinking into me – !



And she danced and danced and a danced and I couldn’t stop to wind her up.
Oh how furiously she swung her dress across the floor,
my heart, my universal soul, it was on fire – 

her eyes, her eyes, 
those fireworks

is this madness?



Created with lensbaby, toy doll, LED lights and magnifying sheets.

The images were created with my toy doll, some doll-eyes, a clock-wind-up key, my favorite lens “lensbaby muse 2.0”, some tiny LEDs and a magnifying plate (which were held between doll and camera in the last few images of this post). Often, the lensbaby created absolutely CRAZY bokeh and some chromatic distortions.

Mostly experimental, but to this day some of my favorite photos – ever.