Christina Heurig

images · art direction · set design

Commission: Romantic couple portraits – summer 2015

In late summer 2015, I was hired to create romanic couple portraits for Denise & Stefan.

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The rainbow children: Denise & Stefan

Stefan and Denise were already a couple for roughly one year. Stefan is a lovely, sweet and tender man with a very shy, but warm attitude, while Denise was the more daring, exploring and wonderfully adventurous part of the relationship. They fit perfectly well together and I was very honored to capture those lovebirds.

I am careful in choosing these jobs, as they can end up looking too cliche and the product might be too ‘cheesy’ if the chemistry between the models and photographer isn’t absolutely relaxed. But I think I developed a pretty good sense for people in front of my camera and can understand their emotions. It’s always 20% technique and 80% psychology with portraits like these.

With Denise and Stefan it was easy. We warmed up in no-time and the setting sun, the mild summer-rain (that made us shortly before scared we can’t take any pictures!) and the thrilling dizzle that summer end brings made us forget we’re doing ‘cheesy stuff’ here.


It was easy going. Summer time at its best. It took little directions from me to make them sway in the afternoon breeze and even Stefan, the shy part, got carried away by Denise’s joy and warm-hearted playfulness.

I was in awe with the beautiful light and the nice bokeh and lens flare my Helios 44-2 lens created. It’s still a pleasure, even after I owned it now for one year, to see the results.


Together, we worked out ideas on poses and various locations by the lake. It took some directions, but we all felt strangely wired together as one – the two love-birds braiding their strong connection… and me, the photographer, documenting this wonderful scene, tying it all together with a pretty bow.


Denise & Stefan were perfectly happy with the result and for all of us it was difficult to chose the final images, as so many situations were so beautiful.

Thanks to both of you for giving me the chance to be part of this experience.